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Michael Buck IP is an independent Australian patent and trademark attorney firm based in Brisbane, Australia.
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Welcome and thanks for visiting our website. If there’s anything you can’t find here then just call. Myself or one of my colleagues will be able to help – Best regards, Michael Buck

Michael Buck IP is an independent, Queensland owned and operated patent and trade mark attorney firm, based in Brisbane Australia.


We help creative people and businesses.  Our clients range from local companies and individual inventors to start ups, international corporations, universities and research organizations.


When you engage us you can be sure of four facts that should be essential to your selection process:


1. You’re in safe hands. Our experience in intellectual property goes back to 1994.  We’ve prepared and prosecuted hundreds of patent, trade mark and design applications in Australia and throughout the world.


2. You’ll clearly understand the process and the costs.  For example, we provide written documentation to you at the outset clearly explaining the steps and costs for typical Australian patent, trademark and design registrations.


3. You’ll receive a personalized responsive service.  We strive to return calls quickly. We take pleasure in helping our clients and learning about them so that we can add value where it’s most needed.


4. You’ll be dealing with an independent firm.  You might be surprised to learn that a number of firms in Brisbane are all wholly owned by the same publicly listed company.  When you deal with us you’re dealing with a truly independent firm.


Perhaps you need expert help to protect an invention or a trade mark. It could be that you have concerns in relation to someone else’s intellectual property rights. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience. Call on us to ensure that your intellectual property position is as strong as it could possibly be.


Apart from helping our local clients, we also regularly assist attorneys and business people from the USA, China, Europe, Japan and many other countries to obtain patents, trade marks and design registrations in Australia and New Zealand.  If you’re from overseas and need assistance in Australia or New Zealand then we can help.

Trademark Creation

Our services include the professional preparation of trademark applications. We can assist you in overcoming examination objections to secure trade mark registration in Australia, New Zealand and overseas.  If you’re interested in overseas markets we will help you obtain trademark registrations either directly or via an international application under the Madrid Protocol. Contact us too for help with infringement and registrability searches and with the transfer of trade marks, and more.


Patent Creation

A key part of our work is “drafting”, i.e. preparing patent applications and progressing them through examination to grant. On a per/attorney basis our firm is one of the highest volume originating drafters of patent applications in Australia. When you ask us to prepare your patent application you take advantage of the experience we’ve gained from preparing hundreds of patent specifications. While we regularly prepare patent applications for complex inventions, we also help many small businesses and tradespeople protect simple innovations and products.

Trademark Defense

In addition to trademark creation, we can help you to defend your trademark when conflicting interests arise. Our trademark attorneys can advise you in relation to Passing Off and Misleading and Deceptive Conduct.  We also regularly initiate and defend trademark oppositions and applications for the removal of trademarks for non-use.

Patent Defense

You may be concerned about the impact of a competitor’s patent or patent application on your freedom to operate. We can help you to oppose the grant of a competitor’s patent, apply for reexamination of a patent or challenge the ownership of another party’s patent or patent application so that your business is unaffected.  To learn more about the entire patent process, please visit our patents page.

Design Registration

Design registration is important because in Australia copyright protection doesn’t apply for mass produced three dimensional products.  There is no grace period for design registrations in Australia and it is normally essential that an application for design registration is lodged before the design is disclosed on a non-confidential basis.  If you have used an external contractor such as an industrial designer then there may be issues regarding the ownership of the design. Call on us to ensure that the correct steps are taken so that you own the rights in your designs.




International Patents

Like many of our local clients, you may require patent, trademark and design protection in overseas markets. We regularly help our local clients secure overseas protection by maintaining an extensive network of associate overseas attorneys. Some of our associate relationships have been in place for over fifteen years.   Contact us for assistance in securing cost effective protection not only in the major jurisdictions, e.g. USA, Japan, Europe, China, but also in less common target markets such as South America, Africa, Israel, the Middle East and the former Soviet Union states.

We also prepare international patent applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and help our clients navigate the international patent examination process.

” I’ve been using the services of Michael Buck IP since 2011. Michael is an astute Patent Attorney with a sharp strategic and commercial focus whose advice has been central to achieving exceptional IP outcomes for Vero Surfaces. The diligence and professionalism provided by Michael and his team, means I have no hesitation in recommending MBIP for what can be an extremely complex and sometimes bewildering area of business.”


-Rohan Hine, Managing Director at Vero Surfaces Pty Ltd- Brisbane Queensland

” Great work. Impressive service.”


-David Brims, Director, VTex Industries Pty Ltd, Moranbah, Queensland


We regularly prepare patent applications for highly technical inventions.  To view examples of some of our high tech work click here.

Read the biographies and qualifications of our patent and trademark attorneys.


Phone: +61 (0)7 3870 3853

Fax: +61 (0)7 3720 9325

Mobile: +61 (0)435 150 589


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